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White-ant damaged stump

White-ant damaged stump

Rotten stump with useless stump saver

Stump Saver attached to a rotting stump

Stump Failure

We have many years of experience with houses in WA, and this experience has made us aware of all aspects when dealing with house restumping projects in Perth and surrounding areas.

In WA, houses with timber floors built more than 30 years ago will almost definitely have their floors supported by Jarrah stumps, and the life expectancy of these stumps varies from 20 years to more than 80 years. Of course this can depend on soil conditions and external influences like drainage and insect attacks.

If your floors are not level you may have tell-tale cracks above window or door openings, and you should have the condition of the supporting stumps checked before commencing alterations, additions or renovations. Unlevel floors may slope away from brick fireplaces and are usually caused by stump failure.

Some indicators for stump failure include:

  • Loose stumps
  • Decay below ground
  • White ant damage
  • Uneven floor levels
  • Cracks in walls
  • Crooked door and window frames

It is important to note that stumps deteriorate faster in wet conditions. If only isolated stumps are faulty then we recommend individual replacement. If more than 20% to 30% of stumps are seriously deteriorated, then total restumping should be considered.

Stump Saver

We would never install anything like a ""Stump Saver"". Stump Saver is a new system where a metal plate is attached to the old stump at ground level instead of replacing the stump. The metal plate becomes the new footing.

The problem with this product is that it does not stop the rotting of the timber stump and soleplate directly under the Stump Saver, and they will continue to break down causing subsidence. ""A footing should not be placed over tree roots or stumps or other wood debris likely to increase the termite risk or cause damage to footings"" as outlined in Australian Standard 1684.2, Section 3. This product does not comply with Australian standards for this reason, and also because the stump is no longer embedded at an acceptable depth for lateral stability.

The 12 month guarantee on this product indicates the limited usefulness and life expectancy of Stump Savers. Bayswater House Restumping provides a 30 year guarantee on their stumps and concrete footings.