More than just house restumping in Perth

Bearer replacement stumping - Bassendean, Perth, WA

Bearer replacement - Bassendean, WA

Our carpentry skills - Hilton, WA

Our carpentry skills - Hilton, WA

Re-level and re-stump

Our house restumping experts in Perth are familiar with a range of issues that many clients face. Bearers and joists will bow as timber stumps and soleplates decay or fail as a result of white ant attacks. It is important to identify the issue and fix all affected areas as quickly as possible. The longer this is left unattended, the harder it is to level and achieve a satisfactory result. Alterations or additions done while the structure was not level might also directly affect the final level which could be achieved.

Raising and levelling

Once our house restumping specialists have determined the desired level we will install our safe jacking system to slowly level the house or affected floor areas guided by accurate and precise laser level technology.

Same-site relocation

Sometimes it may seem that subdivision is not possible without first demolishing the house. A poorly positioned house on a subdividable block may be saved by moving (sliding) the house over on the block to retain the house and allow subdivision. If your house is poorly located on the block, Bayswater House Restumping may be able to move it to your desired location on the same block. See a photo of house sliding in Mt Claremont on our homepage.


In addition to restumping, we have the knowledge and skills to perform extra carpentry work as required for the job. This includes replacing timbers, stumps and framework for new additions and verandah repair and renewal.

New work

We install stumps and footings for new additions, alterations or new houses.