Concrete stumping at Bayswater House Restumping Service

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Concrete footings vs. timber footings

Bayswater House Restumping Service is a leading house restumping business here in Perth. We have come across many unique and different problems faced by homeowners when it comes to their stumps.

Because of our extensive exposure and servicing over the years we have also seen the dangers of unacceptable second rate products and services. You should always enquire about the material used for the foundation of your house.

Rot generally starts in the timber footing, and progresses up the stump. This is why today's construction uses concrete footings which are durable and won't rot.

Timber footings (soleplates) were used prior to concrete being available, and are now a thing of the past. Always insist on concrete footings as foundations for your home.

Trust our house restumping specialists to make sure that you get the best quality stumps in Perth. For more information please call Steve Ottenhof on (08) 9471 8202 or 0407 299 449.

Left: We use structural concrete in all of our footings